What Are the Certification Requirements for an X-Ray Technician?


The certification requirements for an X-ray technician include graduation from a certified training program and passing a written examination, according to Study.com. Despite not being a job requirement in every state, certification increases the chances for employment.

An X-ray tech is a specialist who generates X-rays, radiographic films and digital images of a patient's body parts, including the arms, chest and legs, states Study.com. The technician forwards the results of the X-ray to a radiologist for interpretation. To qualify as an X-ray tech, an individual must complete an accredited training program, most commonly an associate degree in radiology, and possess necessary mathematics and scientific skills, as well as interpersonal communication skills. He should also have sufficient energy necessary for helping patients during the X-ray process. Depending on the state in which the person seeks employment, he may need to be certified or licensed.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, or ARRT, is the body that certifies X-ray technicians by issuing a Registered Technologist certificate, explains Study.com. Every X-ray technician must remain current and knowledgeable about changes in radiological technology and should maintain his commitment to the profession. As a result, it's a requirement of ARRT that X-ray technicians undertake continuous examination at two-year intervals in order to be recertified.