What Are Certificate of Employment Sample Letters?

Certificate of employment letters are issued by an employer to provide proof that one of its employees currently works there. A sample certificate of employment letter is a template in which the name of the employee and other important information can be inserted. It functions as a form letter for employers that have to issue these types of letters regularly.

Basic certificate of employment letters contain the following information: the name of the employee, the company he works for and the date that the letter was issued with a statement saying that the worker is currently employed. Some letters may also contain the employee’s title and a brief statement of his duties at the company. The content of a certificate of employment letter may need to be adjusted slightly depending on what it is intended to be used for.

There are a number of reasons an employee might need certification of employment. They are commonly needed for immigration or other purposes related to getting a work visa. Some government benefits offices also require certification of employment for individuals wishing to collect benefits. Finally, employees who are paying a debt sometimes need to certify employment in order to set up a payment schedule.