Is the CEO of Virgin, Richard Branson, Correct About His Seven Tips to Customer Service Success?


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While it is a matter of personal opinion whether Virgin CEO Richard Branson's seven tips regarding customer service success are correct, Branson has certainly proven his ability to serve customers successfully. He owns over 400 companies in many different industries, has made billions of dollars of profit in those companies and is worth over $4 billion himself.

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According to WinTheCustomer, Branson's seven tips for customer service success provide a valuable template for any service-oriented business. Branson's first tip is to say yes to customers, acting as a concierge rather than as a gatekeeper. He advises dreaming big when it comes to customer service and making customer service a focus throughout every organization. His third tip is to make it fun to deliver good experiences to customers, based on his belief that once work is no longer fun, it is time to move on to something else.

Branson's fourth customer service tip is to take risks, even in customer service, with the caveat that risks must be evaluated to make sure the right ones are being taken. He further encourages his employees to forge personal connections with customers. His sixth tip is to treat everyone with respect, knowing that any person might be a future customer. Finally, he advises finding a personal, emotional connection with one's work, which he states is more satisfying than money.

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