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CE certification or marking is a declaration that a manufacturer's products meet all the safety, health and environmental regulations in Europe. The term "CE" is an acronym for the French phase, "Conformité Européenne," or "European Conformity." As of 2015, this marking is required for products under the New Approach Directives.

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CE marking shows that the manufacturer guarantees that the product meets all the requirements of EU legislation, and it allows free movement of goods within the European market. It is the responsibility of a manufacturer to complete the conformity assessment to get the certification. The marking is only affixed by the manufacturer or an authorized representative. Manufacturers outside the EU and importers must ensure that their products meet all the CE regulations.

Steps in getting the certification involve completing the conformity assessment, setting up the technical file, issuing the EC Declaration of Conformity and placing the CE marking on the product. The marking is mandatory, but only for products highlighted in the New Approach Directives. It applies to products ranging from electrical systems to toys and from civil explosives to medical equipment. Before placing the marking on a product, manufacturers must determine which directives apply to their products. Manufacturers must not place the CE marking on products not covered by the directives.

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