How Do You Take a CDA Practice Exam?


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A Child Development Associate, or CDA, practice exam can be taken by accessing free practice tests through the Internet. Quia, notes the website, offers a free preparatory exam for CDA candidates.

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The following steps serve as a guide in taking a CDA practice exam at Quia, as shown by the website.

  1. Navigate to Quia's website
  2. Open a browser and search for the CDA practice test featured at Quia. Click on the link with the heading "Quia - Practice Test for CDA candidates" to access the page.

  3. Start the practice exam
  4. Input the candidate's first and last name, although this part is optional. Click the "Start now >>" button to begin the test.

  5. Answer the test questions
  6. Read the questions carefully. Choose the correct answer from the four options given. Click the "Submit answers" button after completing the practice exam. View the test results.

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