How Do You Find CD Rates for Bank of America?

Bank of America’s Certificate of Deposit rates are available on the bank’s website, Select Banking from the main menu on the website’s homepage, and then click CDs. This opens a page that lists the types of CD accounts the bank offers. Select a CD account to view its interest rates.

As of 2015, Bank of America offers three types of CD accounts: Risk Free, Featured and Standard Term.

The Risk Free CD account features a fixed interest rate of 0.04 percent and a nine-month term. Bank of America requires a minimum deposit of $5,000 to open this account. The Featured CD account has a 12-month term and a fixed interest rate of 0.07 percent. The minimum opening deposit for this account is $10,000.

The Standard Term CD account has a variable interest rate that depends on the deposit amount and term period. There is an online calculator in the account rates tab that calculates the interest rates for different deposit amounts and terms. The lowest interest rate is 0.03 percent, and the highest is 0.15 percent. The minimum opening deposit for this account is $1,000 for any term period between 28 days to 10 years. For terms between seven and 27 days, the minimum opening deposit is $15,000.