What Is CBT Test for a TSA Airport Job?

The CBT test for a TSA airport job refers to a computer based test. The focus of the CBT test is on the applicant’s proficiency in the English language as well as their aptitude in interpreting x-rays. This is just one of many tests and assessments for TSA applicants.

In addition to successful completion of the CBT test, TSA job applicants can also expect to go through a color vision test, an interview that focuses on decision making abilities and the ability to work with the general public and TSA team, drug testing, medical evaluations and a complete background evaluation.

Once all tests and assessments have been completed the TSA looks at the results of the CBT test, as well as all pre-employment testing and assessments, to place applicants in specific categories. These categories are best qualified, highly qualified and qualified. Best qualified includes candidates who performed at a superior level. Highly qualified candidates are those with a satisfactory performance. The qualified group contains the candidates who displayed the minimum or basic performance standards.

TSA employees also have to go through an annual certification process, which could include retaking a CBT test and participating in image interpretation testing. A third party evaluator will also look at the employee’s performance as a part of the certification process.