What Are the Causes of the Nursing Shortage?


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Causes of the nursing shortage include job burnout, frustration, being overworked and disillusionment. Not only is the nurse shortage a problem in the U.S., but in Canada and other parts of the world as well. Adding to the problem is the fact that current nurses are getting older and preparing to retire.

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Older nurses may want to retire early to have an easier workload, a more flexible schedule and to have more freedom. If a senior nurse no longer feels that she is appreciated by her company, there's an increased chance that she will leave her position or retire early.

Another contributing factor is that a nurse may feel that she has little to no control over her work setting, which can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration. It's common for a nurse to base her decision to remain at her place of employment on proper respect and recognition, performance evaluations and having a say in decisions and discussions.

As of 2011, it is predicted that the largest group of nurses is expected to retire by 2020, which has the possibility to leave medical centers without the resources needed to take good care of patients and successfully run facilities.

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