What Causes Bad Customer Service?

Bad customer service often starts with bad choices on the part of management, whether it's not hiring the appropriate staff or not training staff according to a positive customer service vision. Customer service may also be unsatisfactory due to representatives not truly listening to their customers.

A customer service department's vision must be clear and concise. Unfortunately, representatives hired to carry out customer service duties often don't receive training that allows them to meet the company's goals, or those goal are not made clear to them.

Bad customer service can also result when a representative knows the vision of the company but tunes out the customer's needs in order to pitch what he has been trained to offer. In order to provide good customer service, a customer service rep must keep in mind both what the company wants and what the customer wants. When customer service reps tune out their customers, the customers are less likely to come back to the business and may even tell others not to go to the business. Businesses must remember that, though their vision matters, the customer keeps the business operating. Bad customer service representatives forget that their job is primarily to serve the customers.