What Are Some Catchy Safety Slogans?


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Some catchy safety slogans include "When safety is first, you last," "Think smart before you start" and "Lifting's a breeze when you bend at the knees." Others that are also interesting "Shortcuts cut life short," "A spill, a slip, a hospital trip" and "Electricity can turn you off."

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What Are Some Catchy Safety Slogans?
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The best catchy safety slogans quickly get the message across in a memorable way. They are positive and focus on desirable rather than undesirable behavior. "Don't fall for it" has a negative message. "Get a step up on ladder safety" is better. The best slogans are short, preferably eight words or fewer. Slogans along the lines of "Don't fall asleep at work and get your head caught in a splicing bar" are too wordy; "Think smart before you start" is much better.

Effective safety slogans flow and communicate an easy-to-understand message. They do not contain acronyms, abstruse words, or any other speed bumps. It helps if they also contain surprises that grab attention and make people think. For example, "Safety glasses: All in favor say "Eye!"" Humor and puns make slogans more memorable. For example, "Safety comes in a can: I can, you can, we can be safe." Words that rhyme and repeat in different order also helps get the message across. For example, "Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury."

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