What Are Some Catchy Real Estate Marketing Slogans?


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Some catchy real estate slogans are: “Anybody can sell your home. I'll sell it for more," “Helping your family make the right move" and “Worried about buying a condo? Call the specialist.” The best catchphrase is clever, memorable and stresses specific benefits. An effective slogan differentiates a real estate professional from her competitors and creates a strong brand identity.

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A real estate slogan brands a professional on her signage, website, social media and business cards. It should complement an agent's color scheme, logo and identity, and most importantly, position her as a specialist in the marketplace. The slogan, "Helping you close for less" appeals specifically to buyers who are worried they do not have enough cash on hand, whereas the slogan, "Helping you find your dream property" speaks to buyers for whom money is not as important as finding the perfect home.

A slogan connects with people when it appeals to their emotions and promises a solution. Phrases such as, "Where dreams come home" or "Own the home meant for you" tell buyers that the agent is not just interested in making a sale; she wants the buyer to be happy for years to come.

To be memorable, a slogan should be short and have a musical quality like a commercial jingle. A catchy phrase uses rhymes, puns or alliteration, perhaps playing off the agent's name. Mottos such as, "Call Ted Geller, the home seller" or "Get it sold with Sue" are memorable and unique.

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