What Are Some Catchy Phrases in Advertising?

Catchy phrases in advertising include BMW's "The Ultimate Driving Machine," McDonald's "I'm lovin' it," Allstate's "You're in good hands," Apple's "Think different" and Nike's "Just do it." These catch phrases all started out as slogans created by ad agencies and became popular, ultimately entering the common vernacular.

Many consider Nike's "Just do it" to be the greatest catch phrase of all time, states Adweek. The advertising agency Weiden & Kennedy, which is based in Portland, Ore., created it more than 25 years ago. Agency co-founder Dan Weiden came up with the line "Just do it" in only 20 minutes. It subsequently served as the "big idea" that integrated disparate communications across all marketing channels for almost three decades, states Adweek.

According to one advertising research study, two factors tend to increase the probability that an advertising slogan becomes a popular catchphrase. The first factor is the size of the marketing budget with which the catchphrase is promoted. The second factor is the length of the slogan; relatively short slogans are more likely to become popular.

Contrary to popular opinion, other design elements, including rhyming, the use of jingles or slogan complexity, have little to no impact on whether a slogan becomes popular or not.