What Are Some Catchy Company Names?


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Some catchy company names include Adobe, Amazon, Burger King and Pizza Hut. People consider all of these names catchy for different reasons. For example, Adobe and Amazon are catchy because they are unique words, whereas Pizza Hut and Burger King describe what the businesses offer.

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Unique words create catchy company names because they trigger a sense of intrigue. While the name Amazon doesn't tell consumers what the company offers, it creates a sense of wonder that makes consumers guess as to why the founders chose such a strange name. It's sometimes this sense of wonder that prompts consumers to check out the company in the first place.

Company names that describe what a company offers are catchy because they are obvious and to the point. For example, the name Burger King leaves little up to the imagination as to what the company sells. It also helps instill the idea that the company is the best at making burgers.

Sometimes a company's name will mention only one of the products offered, and consumers don't notice that the business sells other items. An example of this is Domino's Pizza. The company stated in August 2012 that it was changing its name to Domino's because it offers more than just pizza. This is an example of how a catchy name that describes a company can backfire or later require a re-branding if the company wishes to branch out.

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