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Some catchy business names include Acura, Compaq and Italiatour. Though not real words, these business names all evoke feelings or qualities related to the products or services thes respective businesses offer.

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Luxury car manufacturer Acura chose its name based on the connotations of its syllables. The basis of the name is its first syllable “acu,” which implies accuracy in English and also evokes the idea of accuracy or precision in many other languages. By choosing a word that is not real but has real-world connotations, Acura was able to create a distinctive brand name that also alludes to its products’ precise engineering and design. Focusing on specific syllables and word segments when naming a company can help create a brand identity that is both meaningful and memorable.

Creating an entirely new word for a name can be difficult, so many companies take a simpler route, putting a slight variation on an existing word. Computer manufacturer Compaq, for example, chose its name based on the compact size of its portable computers. While Compact isn’t necessarily an eye-catching company name, the slight spelling change to Compaq renders the name more distinctive and noticeable.

Other catchy brand names may focus on combining two existing words together. Italian tourism company Italiatour, for example, combines two easily recognizable words that also clearly imply what services the company offers.

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