What Catalogs Have a "buy Now, Pay Later" Option?


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Many online vendors such as Seventh Avenue, Fingerhut and Emporium offer "buy now, pay later" options to customers on a variety of merchandise. Seventh Avenue, for example, allows customers to reach a balance of up to $2,400, and the customer must pay at least $80 per month.

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Emporium offers all of its merchandise on a lease-to-own basis, with the cost of items split between 52 weekly payments, although Emporium also offers a "buy now" price. Each customer receives a spending limit from Emporium, and these range from as low as $100 to as high as $3,000. Emporium additionally offers a variety of promotional discounts for customers. For instance, the 50 percent early payoff discount allows a customer to pay only the cash price for an item if the balance is paid within 90 days; afterwards, the customer can pay off the item paying 50 percent of the remaining balance owed.

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