What Is "casual Research Design"?

According to Market Research World, casual research design is used to study the effects that one variable has on another. Companies often use the results to form their business plans.

MBASkool.com states that casual research design pinpoints the motivations behind specific behaviors. The research determines how dependent variables are influenced by changes to independent variables. Market researchers utilize casual research designs to predict hypothetical scenarios and report their findings to companies so that they can alter their business plans accordingly, says Market Research World.

One example of a casual research design is a marketer wanting to pinpoint why sales are low. He would use a casual research design to test sales against several variables, such as industry competition, selling price and location. The results gathered from research designs might not be the most accurate, because the overall variability becomes a factor of several variables, notes MBASkool. This means that as the marketer alters a single variable, all other variables need to remain the same.

MBASkool explains that there are two types of casual research: simulation based and experimental. Simulation-based research is done with mathematical formulae to duplicate real-world scenarios. Experimental research is done with organized experiments to change a single variable and discover the effect on the final result.