What Are Some Cashier Responsibilities?

Some of the responsibilities of a cashier include welcoming customers, accepting payments, bagging and wrapping, processing returned products, answering customer concerns, recording the amount in the register and helping customers sign up for special programs. Cashiers mainly deal with money and processing of goods that have been purchased.

Below are some of the details involved in cashier responsibilities and why they are important.

Welcoming customers: cashiers are responsible for greeting customers and making them feel at ease when shopping.

Accepting payments: these professionals scan products in order to give an actual cost of all products purchased and then accept the payments.

Bagging and wrapping: while in some instances they may have aides to help in wrapping, cashiers may also be required to do the job personally.

Processing returned products: when customers return products for one reason or another, the cashier must examine them and ensure they are in good condition before initiating a refund or exchange.

Answering concerns: when clients raise concerns regarding a product or service, the cashier is responsible for answering the client in order to resolve the matter.

Recording amounts: the cashier records the amount in the cash register at start of business and at close of business.

Helping customers sign up: cashiers may help customers in registering for special programs aimed at giving rewards or bonuses.