Who Cashes Personal Checks?


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Personal checks can be cashed by banks through ATMs or the tellers, retailers and other financial services. Many people cash checks through banks, but those without existing deposit bank accounts have several options to use. It is necessary to note the fee for cashing checks may differ from one service to another.

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A person can visit any branch of the bank that issued the check. Banks can only cash for non-customers if any of their branches wrote the check. The bank may request for certain information, such as identification, credit card or driver's license, prior to cashing the check. The fee can be a percentage of the amount or a flat rate fee.

Retailers, such as Walmart and 7-Eleven, can cash personal checks. A person will need to provide the check, Social Security number and a valid ID to get their checks cashed. The service fee may be higher compared to the fee charged when using banks.

Check cashing stores may also be a good option if a branch of the bank that issued the check in not available in a particular area. The fee charged by these stores is usually high. A person can visit different stores to inquire the fees prior to choosing one.

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