How Do You Cash a Series HH Savings Bond?


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Cashing a series HH savings bond requires that the bond be sent to the Treasury Retail Securities Site. Along with the bond containing the owner's certified signature, the bond owner may also include form PD F 5396, a direct-deposit form detailing to which account the bond proceeds should be paid.

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The series HH savings bond can only be cashed by an owner or co-owner of the bond; the bond cannot be transferred. The redemption price for the bond is the face value of the bond, which is the price for which the bond was purchased. All earnings from the bond occur by way of interest payments made on the bond to the owner. The certified signature of the owner on the bond serves as proof of ownership. The owner's signature can be certified by a financial institution. The same financial institution can also mail the bond in for redemption by the owner.

Bonds can, in occasion, be cashed in by someone who is not a registered owner of the bond. In such a case, proof must be mailed in to the Treasury Retail Securities Site that a non-listed bond holder attempting to redeem the bond actually has the right to do so.

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