How Do You Cash a Personal Check?


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To cash a personal check, endorse it on the back, and then present it at your own bank or at the bank from which the check is written. Show a valid form of government-issued identification to receive the cash.

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  1. Endorse the personal check

    Turn the check over to the back side. Look for the section designated for your signature. Sign your name, and have any other payees on the check sign in this section as well. Keep all marks within the section set apart for endorsement.

  2. Take the check to the bank

    Go to the bank where you have a checking or savings account, present the check to the teller, and indicate that you want to cash the check. Go to the bank from which the check is written if you do not have your own bank account; the name of the bank appears on the front of the check. Present the check to the teller, and explain that you want to cash it. Prepare to have some money deducted from the cash if you use the check-writer's bank, as some institutions charge a nominal fee for the service.

  3. Present valid identification to the teller

    Use a driver's license, state-issued identification card or passport to prove your identity when cashing a check. Have a credit card ready in case the teller asks for a secondary form of identification.

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