How Do You Get a Cash Loan?

Apply for a cash loan with a payday lender by filling out an online application, providing employment and financial information, according to These loans are made for a short period of time, usually 2 weeks, and often have a high fee attached.

  1. Visit a payday lender
  2. Visit a local payday lender in-store or via its website, if it offers online applications, states Northcash. If applying in person, ask to apply for a cash loan. If applying online, click on the "Apply" link on the website.

  3. Request a loan amount
  4. State how much money is being requested. On the site, there should be "Loan Amount" and "Loan Term" options.

  5. Provide financial information
  6. Provide income information and source of employment. Payday loans usually look at an applicant's weekly or monthly income to determine how much of a loan the applicant qualifies for, according to CashAmerica. Applicants also need to provide their bank account information.

  7. Provide personal information
  8. List a home address, phone number, date of birth and driver's license information. This information is used to confirm an applicant's identity and to contact the applicant later if needed.

  9. Provide necessary documentation
  10. Fax or give copies of the W-2 and a signed copy of the loan contract to the lender. If filling out an online application, the lender may allow applicants to sign electronically by typing in their names and birth dates. Otherwise, the online document must be printed out, signed and faxed with other documentation to the lender. Lenders also require a check written off of the applicant's bank account for the amount of the loan plus a fee. Once this is submitted to the lender, the cash is given in-person or deposited to the applicant's bank account.