How Do You Get Cash Instantly?


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Some ways to get cash quickly include selling plasma, participating in focus group studies, returning past purchases, and selling used scrap metal. These unusual methods are accessible to most individuals and can result in immediate payment.

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How Do You Get Cash Instantly?
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Selling plasma is a common practice, and there are for-profit plasma centers in most major cities. The process typically takes no more than an hour, and most clinics allow plasma donations up to twice a week. Individuals looking to donate plasma need to be drug- and disease-free. Donating sperm, eggs, hair and even breast milk are other options for quick cash payouts.

Focus groups allow consumers to share opinions on products and services in exchange for monetary compensation. These studies are quick, easy and typically pay immediately. Focus group sessions can pay up to hundreds of dollars for just an hour-long meeting, and consumers are only responsible for providing their honest opinions.

Returning recent purchases is another easy way to get cash instantly. Provided that they still have the receipt, consumers can return purchases and generally receive the full purchase price back. Items purchased on a credit card, however, typically only result in a credit against the balance, not actual cash.

Salvage yards and recycling centers often pay cash for small or large quantities of used metal. It’s usually possible to find excess metal items around the house or in the course of cleaning or remodeling.

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