How Do You Get Cash Fast?


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One source of quick cash is to borrow money. Start by talking with a bank or credit union about a loan. Other possible ways of getting cash quickly are to consider asking one's employer for an advance of his pay, or to sell or pawn something that is not strictly necessary.

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An unsecured loan from a financial institution is the most affordable source of borrowed emergency funds. While home equity loans and other secured credit can be obtained at lower rates, these loans are more complex and take longer to complete. Avoid payday lenders. The rates associated with the loans offered by these lenders are exorbitant, and this type of loan often makes a bad situation worse.

If someone has steady employment and is in a bind, his employer may offer some help. A payroll advance may be obtained without cost and allow him to repay the loan over multiple pay periods. Friends and family can be a quick source of funds. If someone chooses to borrow from someone he knows, it is important to put the agreed upon terms in writing to avoid confusion or hard feelings. Finally, one might sell something that he no longer needs at a pawn shop or yard sale. Although a pawn shop typically pays well below market prices for purchased items, they pay in cash and complete the transaction immediately.

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