How Do You Cash a Check Online?


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A check can be cashed online through check imaging, according to The Telegraph. Check imaging involves processing a digital copy of a check rather than the real physical check. This system requires customers to take a scan of their checks through their smartphones and send it through their banks mobile application.

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Customers without a smartphone can use their bank branch's ATM to accomplish the same, as reported by The Telegraph. This system ensures that checks remain sustainable for the individual and businesses that use them regularly.

Introduced as a way to curb the declining use of checks, check imaging was first adopted by JP Morgan Chase in 2010, and other banks have since taken up the service, according to The Telegraph. Customers take a photo of the front and the back of their check with their smartphones and send these securely online. The check is then processed when received. Customers are also required by their bank to keep the physical copy of the check for a specified period of time. Check imaging means that checks could clear faster, could potentially start earning interest within 24 hours and be withdrawn within two days. It would also minimize fraud with the minimal use of paper, which is the main medium for check fraud.

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