How Do You Cash a Check?

How Do You Cash a Check?

Cash a check at a bank by endorsing the check and providing a valid photo ID. While you can cash a check at your own bank or at the bank on which the check was drawn, but you may have to pay a fee at a bank that's not your own.

  1. Verify the check

    Attempting to cash a fraudulent check can force you to pay bank fees or even get you arrested. Call the bank issuing the check when you receive a check from a source you do not know or trust.

  2. Take the check to a bank

    Take the check to the check-writer's bank for a better chance of cashing the check immediately. If you do so, however, you may incur a fee if you don't have an account at that bank. If you take the check to your own bank, you may only be able to access a fraction of the full amount until the bank is able to confirm the funds are present and the check clears. Do not cash the check at a check-cashing store or payday loan shop, which is likely to charge you steep fees to cash your check.

  3. Endorse the check

    Once you have confirmed that the bank of choice is willing to cash your check, you must sign the back of the check to indicate that you take full responsibility in the event the check is fraudulent. You must also provide a driver's license, passport or military ID to confirm that you are the person to whom the check is made out.