How Do You Cash a Check Without a Bank Account?

Cashing a check without a bank account may be accomplished by visiting the check-issuing bank, a grocery store or a check-cashing institution. Another option is to sign the check over to a friend or family member, although this practice is not always accepted by financial institutions.

  1. Visit the check-issuing bank

    Cash a check by personally visiting the issuing bank. For example, if the check was issued from a Bank of America account, then retrieve the funds by taking the check to an affiliated branch to instantly convert it into cash. Check-cashing requirements may vary, but generally banks require a government-issued photo ID card and a fingerprint to release funds.

  2. Cash the check at a local grocery store or gas station

    Many grocery stores and gas stations offer a check-cashing service. These services charge a flat rate or a percentage of the total cash amount. Generally, check cashing services only cash payroll and government checks.

  3. Open a prepaid account

    Several major financial institutions offer prepaid accounts for individuals without a primary checking account. While the ability to deposit checks into a prepaid account can vary, some institutions allow funds from a check to be electronically deposited onto a prepaid debit card, which may then be used as cash.

  4. Sign the check over to a friend or family member

    In some cases, checks may be cashed by signing over the check to the name of a friend or family member with an active checking account. While banks may feature varied regulations regarding this tactic, most financial institutions allow non-member checks to be deposited into member-owned accounts as of 2014.