How Do You Get a Cash Advance From MetaBank?

MetaBank does not offer cash advances, but the company does offer several personal loan options. These personal loans include CD-secured loans, auto loans and ready reserve loans. MetaBank offers a next-day decision for those applying for a personal loan.

When considering a CD-secured loan, customers can make personal purchases with the money received from the loan for all types of expenses, including medical, home improvement projects or even unexpected needs for money. A MetaBank CD is used for the collateral on this loan, and a person can pay off the loan with automatic payments.

An auto loan from MetaBank is an option for those looking for cash to buy a new car. This local financing allows bank customers to work with this bank instead of out-of-state lenders that a car dealer chooses. Another advantage is that the customer's information is only looked at by MetaBank, no one else. Automatic payments are available, and the loan can be up to 90 percent of the purchase price of the vehicle.

Ready reserve loans from MetaBank are actually lines of credit that kick in to cover overdrafts when needed. The credit line can be from $300 to $3,000, depending on credit history, and the line of credit is attached to an existing MetaBank checking account.