What makes CASE construction equipment parts unique?


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CASE construction equipment parts are unique because the parts are specially engineered and constructed to be compatible with CASE equipment, providing optimum performance, explains CASE. CASE also backs its parts with warranties and provides service for these parts.

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CASE incorporates a process known as the consumer-driven product definition process. In this process, CASE works with customers to determine what their needs are and to create and test new models, according to CASE. During this process, CASE visits customers and conducts surveys, holds workshops with the product development team and analyzes customer feedback. CASE enlists customers to test new prototypes and provide feedback, and CASE uses this feedback to design a final product.

Due to the consumer-driven product definition process, CASE has improved its machinery's visibility, stability, power and serviceability. CASE has also used customer feedback during this process to make its machinery easier to transport and to extend the amount of time the machinery can go before the customer needs to refuel it. CASE has also reduced the noise of its machinery and improved its ability to start in cold weather.

In addition to brand new parts, CASE also offers re-manufactured parts. CASE completely remakes these parts, restoring each part to like-new condition, notes CASE.

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