What Does a Carpenter Do?


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Carpenters use wood and other materials to construct buildings and structures following blueprints or client directions. During an initial meeting or site visit with a client, a carpenter learns about the expectations and plans for the job. A blueprint or instructions are provided that direct preparation.

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A carpenter uses measuring tape and other tools to measure and cut wood and other materials. The materials and structures, such as windows, doors and frames, are then installed. On repair jobs, the carpenter fixes the broken structure or replaces it with a new piece. In the course of installing new parts or structures, the carpenter uses a hammer and nails, drills and other tools to complete the installation.

On larger-scale projects, a carpenter works with other members of a construction crew to erect large walls, frames or components of a building. Some carpenters use cranes and other equipment to help maneuver structures into place.

After a new installation, the carpenter evaluates the work and makes any necessary modifications. On some large projects, the carpenter may have to patch or repair broken materials or elements. Carpenters may also lead a team of workers on jobs that includes other laborers and construction helpers. In this role, the carpenter offers direction and feedback on work progress.

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