What Are Cargo Vans Used For?


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Cargo vans are used for a variety of purposes, but delivery, repair and moving companies primarily utilize cargo vans for transportation. Some versions of cargo vans are also used to transport larger groups of people short or long distances.

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Since cargo vans are highly customizable, they are frequently used by both small and large businesses alike. This allows different business owners to tailor a specific model of cargo van to the needs of their operation. One of the most common uses of a cargo van is as a delivery vehicle, wherein the van is specially configured to handle the transportation of different kinds of goods. For example, bakeries frequently remove the rear seats in a cargo van and install extra refrigeration units to transport cakes or pastries. Alternately, a florist may modify a cargo van to contain additional mounted shelving to deliver flowers or other types of flora.

Cargo vans are also commonly used by rental companies such as U-Haul as an option for customers that need to move between small locations, such as a college dorm or apartment. Some companies also rent cargo vans with the rear seating intact for teams or groups to use to transport people from one location to another.

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