How Do You Find a CareSource Doctor?

To find a CareSource doctor, visit the Find a Doctor page at the CareSource website, select the state and insurance plan and provide a ZIP code for doctor location, states CareSource. You can optionally restrict the search based on the type of doctor.

From the Quick Links section of the CareSource home page, first select Find a Doctor/Provider to access the search tool. On the next page, select the state to see a list of plans available in the state, explains CareSource.

After selecting the plan, the tool offers a form to fill out information in three steps. In the first step, enter the city or ZIP code for the doctor location. For the second step, select sex and age to refine the search for doctors with similar restrictions. In the third step, select for the search type such as hospital, laboratory or specialist. The tool then displays a set of options specific to the search type. After making the selections, click on Search, notes CareSource.

The search results shown on the next page can be sorted according to provider name, group, city or restrictions. A map view is available in which the doctor locations are marked on a local map, according to CareSource.