What Does a Caregiver Do?


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The role of a caregiver includes a wide range of activities, the most common being administering medication, coordinating the treatment and communicating with doctors and family members. The responsibilities of a caregiver are based on the needs of the patient, which vary depending on the illness and individual characteristics.

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Caregivers are in charge of assisting people who are otherwise unable to recover or continue with medical treatment. Especially in cases of severe illness, caregivers not only provide patients with medical assistance but also help them overcome the difficulties that arise in the course of everyday life.

The medical aspects of the caregiver’s role include ensuring that patients take their medications, providing the doctors with information about recovery, treating the side effects and managing the medical paperwork. Caregivers also feed, bathe and dress patients who are unable to do these activities for themselves.

A caregiver often ends up taking over the patient’s responsibilities, depending on the individual’s circumstances. Some of the most common duties involve managing the finances, housekeeping, taking care of transportation and communicating with friends and family. Basically, a caregiver is supposed to ensure that the patient is provided with everything needed for recovery and ensure that the patient is able maintain a normal and healthy routine.

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