What Are Some Careers Working With Children?


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Some typical child-focused careers include teacher, pediatric medical worker, coach and camp director, according to Career Builder. There are many careers that involve working with children, focusing on the things one wants to do with children and a preference for how to spend an average day at work can narrow down the choices.

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First, there is the obvious choice of becoming a teacher. Teachers spend all day with children and often have long holidays. Being able to choose a specific subject or age range makes teaching a good option for many people. If teaching doesn't sound appealing, becoming a day care owner or librarian are good alternatives, suggests University of Kent Careers and Employability Service.

For people who want to work with children in the medical field, some options include pediatric nutritionist, pediatric nurse, speech language pathologist and child psychologist. Art therapists also help to improve the health of children but without the need for extensive medical training.

Social worker, coach and camp director also are good options for working with children. Strong sales skills might lead one to work in a retail store that only sells children's items, while top-notch organizational skills lend themselves well to event planning for children's activities. Those searching for a higher salary might consider a career as a juvenile justice attorney.

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