What Are Some Careers for Women in Urology?


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There are no distinctions between careers for men and careers for women in the medical field of urology; women and men alike can hold jobs in this field. In the medical field, professionals like nurse practitioners, doctors, researchers, medical assistants and physician's assistants can all find careers in urology, notes the American Urological Association. None of these career paths are closed off to women, who can and do work in any part of the medical field.

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Although women are free to work as nurses, doctors, assistants or researchers in urology, there may be a gender disparity in this field that its professionals work to change. There is a special organization, the Society of Women in Urology (SWIU), that was founded with the specific goal of bringing more women into the field. The Society has more than 600 members, which includes women who have medical credentials ranging from urology residents to fully board-certified urologists, as reported by the SWIU.

The urology field focuses not only on the male genitourinary system as a whole, but also on the female urinary system. Urologists as a whole treat people of all genders and ages, and individual urologists can practice in specialized areas, such as pediatric urology.

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