What Are Some Careers That Utilize a Degree in Earth Sciences?

What Are Some Careers That Utilize a Degree in Earth Sciences?

Meteorologists, geochemists, geophysicists, geologists and hydrologists are professional scientists that utilize degrees in Earth science. Some of these scientists work in the private sector, while others work for local, regional or national branches of the government.

Meteorologists are Earth scientists that study and track the weather systems of differing geographical locations. Some meteorologists broadcast weather conditions on television and radio, but most meteorologists work behind the scenes using complex computations to track storm patterns.

Geochemists use advanced, computer-assisted experiments and models to analyze and predict atomic molecule changes that occur deep within the Earth but affect all or some of its inhabitants. These types of Earth scientists also study the interactions between natural and synthetic materials.

Geophysicists observe the movements of the Earth's crust in specific regions using radar, satellite imagery and GPS systems. The scientists also study and analyze the different types of energy patterns that are released before, during and after mechanical vibrations, explosions and earthquakes.

Geologists analyze petroleum, aqueous fluids, rocks and minerals in an attempt to uncover and identify the natural processes that produce these resources. They use learned observation skills and three-dimensional reasoning to formulate theories and perform scientific experiments.

Hydrologists study bodies of water, including streams, rivers and lakes, to predict changes in water systems that could positively or negatively affect people living in a geographic area.