What Careers Use Spreadsheets?

A large variety of careers use spreadsheets as part of data management, including teaching and engineering. Each career uses spreadsheets for either the recording and tracking of data or as a tool that aids in calculations and documentation.

A teacher, for example, uses a spreadsheet for simple data keeping of student records, such as attendance records, exam grades and any extra credit work. Accountants also use spreadsheets, typically involving simple formulas, to track and calculate various company financial data, such as staff salaries and the amount of money generated from sales.

Other common careers that involve the use of spreadsheets are sales, science and market research. All three careers use spreadsheets as a data collection and recording tool. A salesperson, for example, uses a spreadsheet to create a database of his personal sales figures by inputting data on the product, such as net sales, gross sales and any data involving commissions. A scientist uses a spreadsheet to keep track of data generated from an experiment and may refer to it as a basis of analysis and new hypotheses. Market researchers also use spreadsheets for data collection, which are then studied for insights that help companies determine consumer behavior and opinion.