What Are Some Careers in Transportation?


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Examples of transportation jobs as a vehicle operator include pilot, bus driver, truck driver, railroad conductor and ship's captain. There are many other related support roles including air traffic control, flight attendant, material mover and dispatcher.

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Jobs in air transportation include airline pilots, commercial pilots, flight attendants, air traffic controllers and ground crew. Airline pilots work for an airline on a fixed schedule, while commercial pilots fly in a wide range of roles such as firefighting, crop dusting, rescue operations and aerial photography.

Ground transportation options include driving a bus, truck or taxi. Bus driving jobs are available through city and county governments as well as through private organizations such as Greyhound or airport shuttle bus companies. Truck driving jobs range from driving a small truck doing local deliveries to over-the-road trucking carrying large amounts of freight for long distances with a tractor trailer. Taxi services include driving limousines and airport shuttle vans.

Water transportation jobs range from working on a small local commuter ferry to a cargo ship that travels between different countries. Long-distance cargo transport jobs are often handled by the Merchant Marine and may require its credential as well as an identification credential from the Department of Homeland Security.

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