What Are Some Careers in Technology?


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Many technology careers involve performing computer software and hardware jobs such as software developer, computer programmer, computer support specialist, computer systems administrator or database administrator. Other high-tech occupations are in the field of engineering such as mechanical engineer, civil engineer, computer software engineer or computer hardware engineer. Tech careers also include the more theoretical jobs of mathematician or statistician, the more hands-on occupation of computer repairer, or working in the cyber-security field as an information security analyst.

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The U.S. Labor Department ranks technology as one of the fastest-growing career fields, as of 2015. For example, the Labor Department projects 24.5 percent employment growth for the job of computer systems analyst and the creation of 140,000 brand new software developer positions through the year 2022.

Technology careers have a variety of educational requirements. Computer control programmers and operators, who use computer numerically controlled technology and machines to create precision products, may require only technical training. Computer repairers, who service mainframes, servers, and personal computers, may only need an associate degree. Many high-paying technology career categories, such as engineering, analyst and programmer, require a bachelor's degree at minimum, and a master's degree or PhD for added responsibilities and higher salaries. Supervisory roles, such as IT manager, are available to technology employees as their careers advance.

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