What Careers Require a Degree in Hospitality and Tourism?


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Careers that require a degree in hospitality and tourism are mainly management positions for retailers, hotels and restaurants, notes H Careers. While many employees can work their way up to management positions at these businesses, employers often prefer that their employees seek a degree in hospitality to supplement their training on the job.

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Employees and students can seek out an associates degree in hospitality and tourism management in just 2 years, states Valencia College. These degrees provide students with tools for managing a customer-oriented business and working with the newest point-of-sale technology.

After receiving a degree, students can go onto a career in one of several fields. The most common option being food and beverage management at a restaurant where employees have to place food orders with suppliers, track the finances, keep food and drink fresh and prepared and keep customers happy. Degree holders can also work in management at a hotel or casino, or as a travel agents, tour manager, cruise director, sales manager or work in human resources for a business geared towards hospitality and tourism. Human resources is a good option for someone who prefers working behind the scenes of tourism or hospitality, where employees handle the hiring process for other workers, process paychecks, benefits, insurance and handle conflict resolution between employees.

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