What Are Some Careers That Require Business Travel?


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Careers that may require business travel include retail buyers, executive assistants, truck drivers, travel writers and construction project managers. Many business management positions also may require travel, such as attending conferences or visiting additional corporate locations and satellite branches for training and administrative purposes.

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What Are Some Careers That Require Business Travel?
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A career as a retail buyer typically involves travel to different cities to study current and emerging fashion trends and to visit designers. Some buyer or similar retail positions also may require travel to visit the different store locations.

An executive assistant may travel with the executive he serves, managing the executive's schedule, making appointments and facilitating in meetings by providing documents or other information. Similarly, executive roles in many companies require travel to meet with clients, inspect manufacturing or distribution centers and attend industry conferences.

Travel is one of the main components of a truck driving business, as truck drivers operate vehicles that deliver cargo from one location to another. Many drivers also own the trucks they drive, serving as independent business owners. The same is true for travel writers, who visit various locations to write about resorts, restaurants, hotels or other attractions. Some travel writers are self-employed, writing for a personal website or acting as contractors for other sites, magazines or publications.

Construction project managers also frequently travel to inspect job sites.

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