What Careers Require a Bachelors Degree in Sociology?

What Careers Require a Bachelors Degree in Sociology?

Common career paths for sociology majors include in administration, corrections, education, investigations and journalism. Sociology offers background in statistics, data analysis, research design and sociological concepts.

Public and government agencies that administer human services hire people with sociology degrees for administrative positions. People in leadership roles may help to define policies for people or groups needing public assistance. Many sociologists help their communities by leading teams of social work professionals and researchers to implement tailor-made programs.

Local government agencies hire sociologists who work with corrections officials to develop new regulations and programs and to measure the effects of existing programs on prison populations. A sociologist working in the corrections sector may also conduct research on the impact of existing laws on neighborhoods.

Counselors with backgrounds in sociology are better able to analyze and understand trends in their patients. This makes them better able to cater to the critical needs of their communities.

A sociology major with a teaching certificate can pursue a career in education in most states. They may teach classes including history, political science and social science. People interested in college and university level teaching jobs may pursue PhDs to qualify for the positions.

Lastly, the Federal Bureau of Investigation hires sociology professionals who work with detectives and profilers to identify obscure patterns and anticipate crime. This makes it easier to effectively deploy resources to areas likely to be targeted by criminals.