What Are Some Careers in the Refrigeration Industry?


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Engineering and design, product maintenance and installation services are all careers in the refrigeration field. Industrial refrigeration technicians and energy optimization technicians are careers in refrigeration that require further education.

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Industrial refrigeration technicians install, upkeep and repair refrigeration systems and equipment such as condensing units, compressors and evaporators. Some duties of the job include connecting refrigeration lines and electrical power sources, handling hazardous refrigerant substances and checking systems and equipment for leaks and other issues. Technicians will often use system blueprints, so the knowledge of how to read such prints is required.

A job in this field often requires a 6-month training program at a technical school. Engineers in refrigeration design products and find solutions to making refrigeration units more efficient. Maintenance workers upkeep and fix problematic units based on the suggestions of engineers. Installation service workers install new units and install the initial setups. Energy optimization technicians find new and safe ways to get the most out of units with the least amount of used energy. Each of these fields are typically separated into two sections: commercial refrigeration such as kitchen and home units, and industrial refrigeration used in large scale at companies and businesses, such as walk-in freezers and meat lockers.

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