What Are Some Careers in Public Relations?


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Careers in public relations include marketing specialist, fundraiser, event coordinator, grants specialist and communication strategist. Such careers often require a balance of written and verbal communication, the ability to work with the media, knowledge of society and an eye for detail.

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Individuals in the public relations industry are in charge of creating and maintaining a client's public image. They do this by drafting press releases, determining how best to reach a target audience, managing staff members, creating advertising and marketing campaigns, and coaching clients on communicating with the public and the media. Public relations professionals also help decide on a spokesperson or information database for all inquiries made by the media.

Public relations professionals are also often in charge of an organization's internal communication. Examples of internal communication include company newsletters, organization reports and company speeches. Their jobs might also require them to work with lawyers in order to make sure their shared information is both correct and easily understood by the public.

Before starting a career in public relations, an individual must first earn at least a bachelor's degree. Some positions might require a graduate degree in journalism, public relations or non-profit management. Specific courses aspiring public relations professionals should focus on include public speaking, public affairs and creative writing.

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