What Careers Are Open to a Criminology Major?


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An undergraduate criminology major can lead to a career as a police officer, probation officer, corrections officer, forensic science technician or loss prevention specialist. The student can also gain work as a security specialist, private investigator or an insurance fraud investigator after graduation. With a master's degree or doctorate in criminology, a job seeker can pursue a career as a criminologist.

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What Careers Are Open to a Criminology Major?
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A bachelor's degree in criminology is not necessary for most non-academic pursuits in the field, but the degree is often required for advanced positions. Those starting a career as a criminologist can work as a professor of criminology, or they can work as advisers for legislators, or they can help to develop crime prevention programs by working with police departments.

Criminology majors may also wish to further their education in the field of psychology, which can lead to work as a forensic psychologist, a criminal profiler, an expert witness for courts or as a prison psychologist. Many of these careers require the criminology major to earn a graduate degree in psychology.

A criminology major can work outside of the law enforcement field by using the undergraduate degree as a stepping stone to becoming a counselor, attorney or social worker.

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