What Are Some Careers in the Nursing Field?

What Are Some Careers in the Nursing Field?

Careers in nursing range from registered nurses and licensed practical nurses to clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners. Certified nurse midwives, certified registered nurse anesthetists, critical care nurses and cardiac care nurses are other options.

Many nursing jobs require additional training beyond the registered nursing curriculum. Registered nurses can take additional training to become dialysis nurses who care for dialysis patients, maternity nurses who care for pregnant women, or pediatric nurses who care for children.

A certified nurse midwife receives training to deliver babies and requires advanced training and certification. The nurse midwife provides care for pregnant women before, during and after pregnancy and during labor and delivery. A geriatric nurse is a specialist in providing services to older people.

Certified registered nurse anesthetists also receive specialized training to administer anesthesia during surgery. A flight nurse is a specialized nurse trained to provide patient care aboard an airplane or helicopter, often when transporting patients following traumatic accidents.

A registered nurse practitioner has an advanced nursing degree and works in many of the same roles as a physician. The nurse practitioner prescribes medications, orders exams and diagnoses patient problems.

A school nurse works in a school providing services. Most school nurses keep health records and immunization files for students and handle minor medical problems among students.