What Careers Might Require a Part Time Personal Assistant?


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Careers that may require a part-time personal assistant include top executives, attorneys and physicians. Personal assistants can also be found in a variety of fields such as government agencies, schools, and private corporations.

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Personal assistants are often categorized as having job responsibilities similar to secretaries and administrative assistants. The roles of personal assistants are vast, ranging in duties such as scheduling appointments, drafting memos, handling phone calls and organizing calendars. These tasks are often specialized, depending upon the field in which a personal assistant is employed. For example, an attorney might have a personal assistant to facilitate tasks such as preparing legal papers and reviewing legal journals. This would differ from the roles of a personal assistant employed by a CEO, with assignments focused on coordinating meetings and event planning.

A growing trend in career fields utilizing personal assistants is the concept of employing virtual assistants. Businesses benefit from these cost-saving measures by outsourcing administrative duties. From handling phone calls, emails and scheduling, virtual assistants are able to work from home and provide support to clients on a contract basis.

Payscale.com lists the average median income of a personal assistant at $39,542, while the Bureau of Labor lists the median income of secretaries and administrative assistants at $35,330.

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