What Are Some Careers Involving Math?

careers-involving-math Credit: Cultura RM/Steve Prezant/Collection Mix: Subjects/Getty Images

Some careers involving math are actuary, math teacher, statistician, computer programmer and cryptographer. Math can even be helpful in professions like medicine and ecology because researchers in those fields use mathematical models to study and predict natural processes.

Some people with degrees in math choose financial careers. They use math to determine the values of financial assets, to manage risk and to assign prices to products. Some financial careers focus on predicting future gains or losses from investments; math is used to develop these financial forecasts.

Engineering is another popular career choice for those with mathematical backgrounds. Civil engineers work on waste disposal programs, traffic networks and environmental systems. They need mathematical skills to analyze interactions within the systems they manage. Geomatics engineers survey land and develop precise information about the size and location of real property or natural landmarks for legal or construction planning purposes. They use math to ensure the accuracy of their reports. Robotics engineers use math when designing the physical structures of robots and in programming the computers that dictate robots' actions and behavior.

Quality control analysts use math to audit representative samples of a workforce or fleet of machinery. They then calculate how errors found in the sample affect the performance of a team or company as a whole.