What Are Some Careers That Involve Children?


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Careers that involve children often focus on education, including such job titles as teacher, sports coach, camp director and librarian. Other jobs involving children can be found in the helping professions and include jobs such as social workers, child psychologists and speech pathologists.

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What Are Some Careers That Involve Children?
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Because of the great need for teachers in society, many people who want to work with children pursue teaching as a career. Teaching requires a bachelor's degree and usually teacher's credentials earned with post-graduate work.

Other jobs that involve teaching children vary in their requirements and hours. Sports coaches sometimes work part time, when the kids are out of school. They should have experience in the sport they are coaching. Camp directors and counselors often work seasonally or part time. Director jobs typically require a bachelor's degree, but counselor jobs do not. School librarians have a lot of contact with children without being responsible for the day-to-day tasks of a classroom. Some school districts require librarians to have teacher's credentials, while others require a master's degree in library science.

In the helping professions, social work is among the key careers involved with children. Social workers sometimes specialize in helping homeless children, foster children or children who are sick. Child psychologists often work in schools or hospitals to help children with behavioral issues; some also have private practices. Speech pathologists work in hospitals or schools to help children overcome communication difficulties. These positions all typically require graduate degrees.

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