What Are Some Careers in the Field of Education?


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Careers in education include principal, special education teacher and college professor. Educators who teach grades K to 12, teacher's aides and adult literacy instructors are also in the education field. There are also administrative positions available in this field, such as office secretary or corporate trainer.

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Other positions include high school work experience coordinators who work with special education students to help them transition into the real world. Median earnings for these individuals were slightly higher than that of educators in other disciplines as of 2014.

The STEM disciplines -- which are science, technology, engineering and math -- also offer opportunities in that these are projected to face serious shortages in the workplace in coming years. President Obama identified an urgent need to train 100,000 math and science teachers by 2020, and has instituted loan forgiveness and scholarship initiatives to encourage individuals with these degrees to teach future software developers and engineers.

While having a passion to educate youth is often a driving force for individuals to pursue a career in education, it doesn't hurt to find out which jobs pay the best and which fail to pay as well in the field. Post-graduate professors have the highest earnings, while teachers of young children and those working outside of the classroom often earn the least of all educators.

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