What Are Some Careers in the Field of Art?


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Art is a broad professional field with careers ranging from graphic design and 3D modeling to fashion and interior design. Depending on their interests, artists may develop skills that involve working with physical media, digital media or conceptual design.

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What Are Some Careers in the Field of Art?
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Art professionals who enjoy creating products with their hands may gravitate towards traditional visual arts, such as sculpting, painting and drawing. Within these fields, professionals can pursue specialized occupations, such as children's book and graphic novel illustration, architectural design and automotive clay sculpting. Internet commerce has also created more opportunities for independent artisans to design and sell jewelry, textiles, shoes, art prints and home décor.

For a less hands-on career, art lovers may prefer jobs as art dealers or agents, gallery owners, museum curators, bloggers and supply retailers. Many artists are attracted to entertainment fields, where they become makeup artists, costume and set designers, storyboard artists and film editors. The rise of digital technology has expanded the industry, leading to careers in digital animation and visual effects.

Artists with photography backgrounds work in diverse industries, such as fashion, weddings, food marketing, nature conservation and journalism. Graphic artists also perform a wide variety of design jobs, such as logo design, stationery design, web design, magazine layout design and advertising.

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